Blogger showed a quick way to get rid of sweat stains on clothes

June 20, 2022 by No Comments

A resident of Australia has found an effective way to get rid of sweat stains on clothes of light colors. She shared the video on her TikTok page.

Blogger Shantel Mila revealed a recipe for a homemade solution with which you can quickly and easily remove yellow marks from the surface of the fabric. In the footage posted, she mixed dishwashing liquid with hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of one to two in a spray bottle, after which she applied the resulting product to a white T-shirt.

According to her, the liquid must be left on the clothes for ten minutes, and then sent to the wash. At the end of the video, she showed that the T-shirt was completely washed. Mila’s post went viral and gained tens of thousands of views on the social network.

In December 2021, the blogger also talked about an unexpected method that allows you to get red wine out of white clothes. Shantel Mila explained that she uses inexpensive shaving foam to remove stubborn stains from fabric.

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