Immigrants in the Lviv region are invited to free Ukrainian language courses

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There are a number of free Ukrainian language courses for IDPs in the Lviv region. In particular, such courses operate in Lviv and Drohobych.

“In order for the people of Ukraine to use the state language in everyday life and not resort to the language of the aggressor, in the Lviv region organized many language courses for IDPs – both online and offline,” – said in Lviv OVA on Thursday, June 16.

Ukrainian language courses were organized by:

Taras Shevchenko Lviv Regional Enlightenment Society announces the recruitment of the second group for free Ukrainian spoken language courses.

Teachers help students to switch to free communication in Ukrainian and overcome the language barrier. In addition, the courses will be able to replenish their vocabulary, learn the basic rules of speech culture, learn the interests of the native language and get acquainted with the history and culture of the Ukrainian people. The form of communication is informal.

Classes are held twice a week in the center of Lviv (6 Drukarska Street). For more information call the phone numbers: 0671447681; 0974367221; 0674557354.

The Faculty of Philology of Drohobych State Pedagogical University named after Ivan Franko offers full-time education for migrants. In addition to language classes, immigrants will be able to learn more about Ukrainian literature, its authors and their contribution to the development of Ukraine.

“It is a great pleasure to work with people, because everyone is sincerely trying to master Ukrainian. Our classes consist of theoretical and practical parts. For most immigrants, our writers have become a discovery, and for the first time, we learn about some works of literature that we consider classics. Our teachers will be happy to help you freely switch to the Ukrainian language, the main thing is to have a desire, and believe me, these people have it. Many of our students say that after returning home they will continue to speak Ukrainian, ”said Vira Kotovych, head of the Ukrainian language department.

Full-time training. Venue – Drohobych, dormitory №5, located on the street. Volodymyra Velyky, 3. Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 17: 00–18: 00 and 18: 10–19: 00. Details number: 0978725294 (Vira).

The project “United” NGO “Teach Ukrainian!” – free talk clubs

The United project is 28 days of support in the transition to the Ukrainian language. Recruitment for the second year of conversation clubs has begun. During the training, participants will receive daily tasks and materials that will help to overcome the language barrier. There is a lot of conversational practice here, techniques for memorizing new words. You will also be offered resources with useful and entertaining content in Ukrainian.

Meetings take place every Tuesday at 18:00 during the month in the libraries of Lviv. You can register by following the link. Details on the phone number: 0964465991 (Anastasia).

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