Lviv customs officers detained a Ternopil resident while trying to take away 104,000 dollars

June 18, 2022 by No Comments

On Wednesday, June 15, at the Rava-Ruska-Grebenne checkpoint on the border with Poland, customs officers exposed a Ternopil resident who was trying to smuggle $ 104,000 abroad.

According to Lviv Customs, a Mercedes-Benz arrived at the Rava-Ruska-Grebenne checkpoint at about 2:30 p.m. The driver of the car chose the “green corridor” lane to pass customs control.

During the inspection of the car, the customs officers found in the bag of the citizen of Ukraine, who was driving the car, 104 thousand US dollars, which the woman did not indicate in the declaration. Undeclared currency was not allowed to be transported across the border.

The woman’s car and undeclared money were confiscated (customs photo)

Customs officers detained the vehicle, documentation of the revealed facts of violation of customs rules proceeds.

The Lviv customs ZAXID.NET clarified that a 51-year-old native of Ternopil tried to export undeclared currency from Ukraine.

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