Lviv Puppet Theater is preparing a tragicomedy about life during the war

June 18, 2022 by No Comments

A new play of the Lviv Regional Puppet Theater entitled “Many. Once in a Bombhouse is a dramatic comedy about life during the war, an attempt to talk honestly about our current fears and doubts, as well as to hit them with a charge of strong live humor.

The text of the play was created in spontaneous acting improvisations, worked out by the theater’s playwright Andriy Bondarenko. Therefore, all dialogues and monologues sound as truthful and vital as possible. There are also elements of a standup in the play.

A regular bomb shelter and five strangers who came here to settle the air raid. Not a very fun situation, but also over each character hover their personal worries and experiences. And as if something is deliberately pushing our heroes into quarrels and conflicts, some evil seems to be oozing from the cracks in the basement, inflating the mood of despair. And what if this mystical Alien, otherworldly “saboteur” conducts a “special operation” in the minds of our heroes?

How to find this Stranger? How to find the strength to fight the despair that covers Ukrainians every day? Speaking, arguing, conflicting, joking and comparing the most secret, the heroes of the play overcome evil demons and bring victory over evil.

Directed by Yana Titarenko, the theater’s chief director. The scenography was created by Inessa Kulchytska, the main artist of the theater.

The show “Shmaty” will take place in a real bomb shelter, on the stage of the “Lower Hall” in the basement of the theater. The premiere is scheduled for July 1 at 19:00.


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