Lviv’s Okhmatdyt received a cargo of UAH 500,000 for resuscitation of infants

June 20, 2022 by No Comments

The team of the Danish group of companies Guldmann handed over the most modern consumables for Lviv’s Okhmatdyt: rehabilitation catheters, cables, tubes and many other inconspicuous but very important things for saving newborns. The total cost of the cargo is over UAH 500,000, the press service of LODA reported on June 20.

The benefactors ordered high-quality consumables from the world’s top manufacturers, the role was taken over by the company’s Swedish division, and Guldmann-Ukraine and guardian Taras Yurints delivered the cargo to the regional children’s hospital.

High-quality consumables, doctors say, save time to save a small patient and speed up the healing process. In order for the youngest patients of Okhmatdyt to receive all the necessary care, the department must always have all the components – a professional team, modern equipment and quality consumables. Everything must work smoothly. Today, the children’s hospital has all the necessary components, so children have every chance to recover quickly.

Guldmann and its team promise to continue to help Ukrainian children recover.


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