Named the most beautiful woman in the world

June 24, 2022 by No Comments

The Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Facial Surgery in London named the most beautiful woman in the world. It is reported by UNILAD.

Dr. Julian De Silva used the golden ratio to find the perfect face. According to the results of the study, American actress Amber Heard was recognized as the most beautiful woman. She has perfect proportions, including her eyes, nose, lips, chin, and overall face shape.

De Silva also noted that TV star Kim Kardashian had perfect eyebrows, actress Scarlett Johansson had perfect eyes, and model Emily Ratajkowski had perfect lips.

In October 2019, De Silva called the appearance of the American supermodel of Palestinian origin Bella Hadid the closest to ideal. Her facial proportions were 94.35 percent close to perfect. In second place was Beyoncé, who received 92.44 percent, while Amber Heard was third with 91.85 percent.

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