Oleh Ishchuk, a long-time chief financier of Lviv, has resigned

June 20, 2022 by No Comments

The Lviv City Council replaced the head of the financial policy department. Instead of long-term director Oleh Ishchuk, the department will be headed by Lviv City Council deputy Viktoriya Dovzhyk.

“The financial policy department started this morning. I was honored to thank Oleg Ishchuk for 15 years of his work as Head of the Financial Policy Department. Oleh Ishchuk is moving from the position of the head of the department to the position of the mayor’s adviser, “Andriy Moskalenko, the first deputy mayor of Lviv, said on Facebook on Monday morning, June 20.

According to him, Victoria Dovzhik will be the head of the financial policy department during martial law.

46-year-old Viktoriya Dovzhyk is a deputy of the Lviv City Council from Samopomoch. Since 2017, she has been an advisor to the Mayor of the Executive Committee, and before that she worked as Deputy Head of the Department – Head of the Department of Economic Development of the Department of Economic Policy of the LMR.


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