Significant changes are expected in the construction market of Lviv

June 18, 2022 by No Comments

People are looking for a new comfortable home. They do not need cheap housing. They want comfort at an adequate price with a quality social sphere around, said representatives of the construction company Resident Development.

Changes have already begun, the construction company Resident Development said in a statement. Even before the war, new interesting proposals entered the construction market. The market has moved from the economy class to the comfort class. People began to pay attention not only to the infrastructure, but also to the internal environment in the houses. As a result, builders, developers and architects began experimenting with more interesting projects before the war and were not afraid to invest in them.

In addition, according to Resident Development, everyone should anticipate significant security changes during the design process. And these are decisions that will guarantee the peace of future residents. In particular, shelters should provide a comfortable stay (for example, bathrooms, drinking water, folding benches, etc.). Developers should also reconsider the entire security concept. For example, without orders, increase the thickness of the walls in underground parking lots and strengthen the overlap of such shelters.

After market research and surveys conducted in the last three months of the war, Resident Development experts concluded that people should be provided with comfortable housing at an adequate price, which includes social infrastructure. Developers must share the burden with the city. It is not necessary, for example, to wait until Lviv builds a school in the construction area. You need to join yourself. Improve infrastructure wherever possible at your own expense. After all, developers do it for the city community. For those residents who are customers. At the same time, a quality concept must be demonstrated at the project stage. After all, we live in a European city, our architecture is not the simplest. And Lviv should not get the cheapest. Because the bar of the city in architectural terms is high even before the start of construction work.


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