Sweden will buy even more “anti-Russian” howitzers

June 19, 2022 by No Comments

Sweden pledged to purchase even more “anti-Russian” 155-mm Archer howitzers by signing an agreement of intent with BAE Systems during the Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris (France). It is reported by Defense News.

The publication reminds that Sweden became the first buyer of Archer, having recently completed the purchase of 48 such machines.

The publication admits that the United States Army can acquire similar systems if it receives appropriate funding for this.

In January 2021, the Swedish Armed Forces posted on YouTube a series of videos called “When the War Starts” in which Russia is implicitly a potential adversary.

In October 2020, Breaking Defense reported that in the first quarter of the same year, the US Army will test the 155mm Swedish Archer self-propelled artillery mount, which is designed to deal with such an advanced adversary as Russia.

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