The cost of housing in new buildings in Lviv has increased compared to the pre-war level

June 18, 2022 by No Comments

In Lviv, dollar prices for new buildings have risen in all classes of construction compared to the pre-war level, according to the profile portal LUN. At the same time, prices in Kyiv and Odesa return to the level of February.

“90% of the western part of the country, far from the war zones, is showing a return to construction. The average price per meter of new buildings in Lviv today has increased by $ 90 compared to February. And this growth is observed in all classes of housing, “- say analysts.

We will add that the prices for apartments in new buildings in Lviv grew during 2021 and reached the peak for the last 8 years.

At the same time, in the Kyiv region, the average price returned to February. This is due to two factors: more facilities have resumed operations and there is a difference in the behavior of developers in relation to their own pricing policy.

“60% of new buildings in the capital have not changed prices in US dollars since February, 30% – increased, and 10% – significantly reduced the cost of a meter in their own homes, which brought the average price to February – 1270 dollars per meter,” – commented in LUN.

Construction is also being resumed in the Odessa region. The change in value in each of the classes also signals that developers are trying to find the best price in today’s conditions.

“The market for new buildings is now clearly on the side of the consumer and further search for a balance between supply and demand will continue for some time. In practice, this means that a window of opportunity has opened for special conditions, promotions or even individual offers from developers for potential investors, ”commented Denis Sudilkovsky, LUN’s Marketing Director.


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