The nutritionist called the most useful ice cream

June 19, 2022 by No Comments

Dietitian-endocrinologist Elena Shchetinina on the radio “Moscow speaking” called an ordinary ice cream the most useful ice cream.

The specialist noted that it does not contain dyes and fat substitutes. According to her, when choosing ice cream, you should read the composition. She stressed that the standard recipe does not use milk protein or fat substitutes. The doctor said that if ice cream is prepared according to her, then it will be considered the most useful.

“If we talk about the quality of the products used, then chocolate is very expensive. And, as a rule, if it is included, then some minimum. Most, unfortunately, have a pathetic semblance of chocolate, ”she added.

Shchetinina also urged careful consumption of ice cream with bright colors, since a lot of dyes are used to make them. The doctor warned that they can cause allergies.

Earlier, psychologist Riccardo Dalle Grave explained the cause of overeating on a nervous basis. According to him, overeating helps to divert attention from anxiety-producing issues and alleviate intense and unbearable emotional states.

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