The stylist revealed the connection between the style of the dress and the character of the woman

June 24, 2022 by No Comments

The British stylist revealed the connection between the character of a woman and her chosen style of dress. She shared her thoughts on this topic with The Sun.

Journalist Emma Lightbown said that the black dress speaks of a love of parties, but an unwillingness to stand out from the crowd. “Such girls choose a proven version of a festive outfit that will not attract extra looks,” she clarified and added that women in shiny things, on the contrary, love to be in the center of everyone’s attention.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, lovers of flowing beach dresses have a calm temperament. “Women who buy these clothes are usually creative and confident individuals. Usually they are satisfied with themselves and like to go with the flow, ”said the specialist. At the same time, the owners of shirt dresses are prone to purposefulness and seriousness.

As for the length, skirts and mini dresses are usually preferred by flirtatious and sociable people, while maxi outfits are more often bought by dreamers. “Long things are loved by romantic natures who dream of meeting their prince,” Lightbown concluded.

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