The US wanted to use all its leverage to stabilize fuel prices

June 19, 2022 by No Comments

The United States will use all kinds of leverage to stabilize fuel prices, including reducing the cost of energy in the local market. This was stated by US President Joe Biden, reports RIA Novosti.

According to the American leader, he wants to use all the levers at his disposal to lower fuel prices, especially for US citizens. “And our countries are working together to stabilize world market prices, which includes a coordinated release of oil from strategic reserves,” Biden said.

In his opinion, in order to overcome the global fuel crisis, countries need to make long-term decisions, and the world community needs to work together to achieve goals. In particular, to reduce energy prices. Biden noted that with the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, “the need for reliable energy security and stability in the long term” is felt even more.

In addition, Russia’s actions in Ukraine “provoked an increase in inflation around the world, creating risks of food shortages” for countries, the US president added.

Earlier it became known about the perpetrators of the fuel crisis in the United States. It seems to the American Fox News TV presenter Tucker Carlson that this is primarily a miscalculation by President Biden, and not a consequence of the actions of various countries, including Russia.

In early June, columnist Gregory Brew also made a forecast for oil prices in the United States by the fall of 2022. He suggested that the cost of the energy carrier would reach $150. According to him, there have not been such fuel prices in the country since 2008.

At the end of March, the US president accused the Russian authorities of a record rise in gasoline prices in the country. Biden called what is happening with fuel prices a crisis and noted that the “price increase” of the Russian leader is hitting ordinary Americans at gas stations.

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