A new feature appeared in Yandex.Food after a data leak

June 24, 2022 by No Comments

Popular delivery service Yandex.Food has a new feature following a customer data breach. This was reported to “Lente.ru” in the press service of the company.

Now Yandex.Food users can delete their order history. As the company clarified, this can be done in your Yandex ID account. To erase information, users need to select the “Data Management” section, and then enter the confirmation code that will be sent to their phone. After that, the “Delete data” field will appear in front of them, in which you can see what data Yandex.Food stores and delete any of them.

The press service of the service said that thanks to the innovation, customers will be able to independently manage the data stored by the service. The process of deleting order history can take up to three days, the company said. “Deleting data is an irreversible process. If you delete information about orders, you will no longer be able to see recommendations of your favorite restaurants and dishes in Yandex.Food,” they warned. It is alleged that developers will soon introduce the ability to erase other information from Yandex.Food, for example, delivery addresses.

While users can delete the history of orders made in restaurants presented in Yandex.Food, the company added. Representatives of the service promised that soon Yandex ID will be able to delete the history of orders made in the Yandex.Lavka grocery and ready-to-eat food delivery service.

The data leak of Yandex.Food customers became known on March 1. In the public domain were the personal data of users, including their phone numbers and delivery addresses. Representatives of the company said that the incident occurred “as a result of unfair actions of one of the employees.” On April 21, Yandex.Food was fined 60,000 rubles for leaking customer personal data.

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