Android users warned about social transfer scam

June 24, 2022 by No Comments

A large number of fraudulent applications have appeared on Google Play, in which Russians are deceived, promising them social benefits, compensations and child benefits. Android users were warned about this by the head of the Russian research center of Kaspersky Lab, Maria Namestnikova, reports Gazeta.Ru.

“Before, the Internet was full of such sites, but now they are multiplying on Google Play as applications,” she said. According to experts, these applications have a rather primitive functionality: if you install it and click on the icon, the user will be redirected to a phishing site. On this page, the user sees a notification that he allegedly needs to pay a commission of 300 rubles in order to receive a social payment.

According to the expert, the boom of such fraud began after February 24, 2022. According to the expert, there are already several hundred such applications on Google Play.

“I think this is just an attempt by scammers to test the strength of moderation in the Russian Google Play. It should be noted that the moment was chosen well, because Google in Russia is now in uncertainty. However, this is just speculation, I have no evidence,” Namestnikova said, explaining the possible reasons for the boom in such applications in Russia.

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