Blogger showed a way to fit jeans to your figure in seconds

June 20, 2022 by No Comments

Blogger Bo Brown has revealed a way to fit jeans to your figure in seconds. The corresponding video appeared in her TikTok account.

On the posted frames, the girl appeared in a green longsleeve and gray jeans with a high waist, demonstrating that the latter are great in her waist. To correct this defect, the influencer threaded the button above the codpiece into the nearest belt loop, and then buttoned her pants in the usual way.

Then the tiktoker showed the result of the manipulation. So, the trousers stopped falling off and bristling in the mentioned zone.

The blogger’s video got 4.8 million views. Other users noted that this life hack is really relevant. “Can’t be! You have just solved my immediate problem”, “This is the difficulty that I was just trying to cope with,” they said.

In May, a blogger with the nickname lulegret showed on video an easy way to fit jeans to your figure. So, the tiktoker made small holes in two parts on the wrong side of the pants waistband. Then she took a cord, fastened a safety pin at one end and threaded it along the belt through the hole. After that, the blogger removed two parts of the lace, tried on jeans and tied them at the waist, demonstrating a flawless fit.

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