Denmark predicted a “real gas supply crisis”

June 19, 2022 by No Comments

Denmark faces a “real gas supply crisis”. This is reported by the publication DR with reference to the industry director of the Confederation of Danish Industry Troels Ranis.

According to him, gas prices are again rising significantly, and this makes its production much more expensive for Danish companies. He added that as a result, goods become more expensive, including for the citizens of the country.

It is noted that “unprotected consumers”, the list of which for 2022-2023 includes more than 50 companies, can be completely or partially disconnected from gas supply. This will lead to the closure of enterprises, which will negatively affect, in particular, the level of food prices.

Earlier, Gazprom reported problems with pumping gas to Europe associated with the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The company was unable to timely receive gas pumping units from Siemens from repair, which is why deliveries to customers were provided in a limited volume significantly less than planned. Later, Gazprom decided to stop the operation of another Siemens gas turbine at the Portovaya station. The company explained this by the end of the overhaul period.

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