Jennifer Lopez’s baby came out

June 19, 2022 by No Comments

American actress and pop singer Jennifer Lopez took to the stage with her child and announced his gender identity. It is reported by the portal Just Jared.

The 52-year-old singer, speaking in Los Angeles, invited her 14-year-old daughter Emma to perform with her on stage. The star addressed the child with the gender-neutral pronoun “they”, which is used by non-binary persons (people who do not identify themselves with either of the two genders of the binary system – neither male nor female – ed.).

“The last time we performed together it was in a stadium as big as this one and I keep asking them to sing with me and they don’t want to. So this is a special case. They are very, very busy, ”Lopez announced the entrance to the stage of her daughter. The child who came out sang a song with her, holding a rainbow-colored microphone (the flag of the LGBT + community, which includes non-binary people, is often called rainbow for its resemblance to the colors of the rainbow – approx. red.).

The artist’s child is not the first family member who is a member of the LGBT community. Sister Lopez’s son has previously admitted to being transgender. Brandon also prefers to be addressed with the pronoun “they”.

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