The Lviv IT cluster has donated UAH 5 million to the new Mental Health Center

June 20, 2022 by No Comments

The Center of Mental Health will be created at the First Medical Association of Lviv. The necessary funds for its construction – UAH 5 million – were donated by the Lviv IT cluster.

According to the Lviv City Council on Monday, June 20, the cost of creating the center is over UAH 5 million. The Lviv IT cluster will finance all the necessary expenses for the construction and arrangement of the premises, and one of the biggest benefactors is the American IT company JustAnswer.

“The mental health center is the core that is critical and needs to work. Many thanks to the Lviv IT Cluster for not only joining, but also giving real “live” money. Unbroken is a large ecosystem that we are building together, “said Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy.

The center will provide individual consultations, organize group therapy and comprehensive care at various levels. It will be possible to get to the reception both free of charge under the direction of a family doctor, and for a fee by personal appointment. The cost of paid admission will be lower than similar services in private clinics.

“We understand how important psychological support is today. Mental health is also important on the way to our victory. After all, to continue our struggle, we need a lot of internal resources and psychological stability, “added Stepan Veselovsky, CEO of the Lviv IT Cluster.

Nadiya Semyon, JustAnswer’s Director of International Business Development, said that mental health care was very important and that the project should be launched as soon as possible.

The center is scheduled to open in September this year. It will be part of the National Rehabilitation Center “Unbreakable”.

According to the director of the First TMO of Lviv Oleg Samchuk, the center will occupy an entire floor. A team of psychotherapists and psychiatrists who are already dealing with patients has been selected for his work.


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