Named the most fashionable dress length in 2022

June 24, 2022 by No Comments

Fashion editor of the German version of Glamor magazine Anna Ackermann named the most fashionable dress length in 2022. The relevant material appeared on the website of the publication.

According to the stylist, maxi length dresses (not above the ankles) are universal for any occasion. This season, boho styles with prints, airy variations on thin straps, slip dresses, as well as models made of flowing materials and knitwear are especially relevant. It is noted that the products have become popular this season thanks to photos of influencers on social networks.

For festive looks, the specialist recommends choosing dresses with long sleeves or puffy flounced sleeves in combination with high sandals, pumps, mules or pointy ballet flats. Among other things, their elegance is emphasized by discreet jewelry and a small bag, notes Ackermann.

For a beach outfit, the expert advises to look at knitted options. In addition, for a summer walk, such a thing can be combined with a blazer. “It is best to rely on simple details that will subtly complement the dress,” the journalist concludes.

Earlier in June, outfits with multiple cutouts became a celebrity trend in 2022. According to the publication, popular actresses, singers, bloggers and models began to appear in public in floor-length dresses with cutouts or inserts made of mesh and other translucent fabric that expose the body. After the release of influencers in the clothes of luxury brands, similar things also began to appear in the collections of the mass market.

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