Named three visually aging women wardrobe items

June 24, 2022 by No Comments

Stylist Chi Li with the nickname PetiteDressing from the United States named three visually aging women’s wardrobe items. The corresponding video appeared in her TikTok account.

According to the blogger, capri pants are capable of spoiling the look, which visually not only add age, but also shorten the figure. The expert also recommended avoiding dresses that do not have a clear waistline. “In such outfits, your silhouette will look more voluminous,” she explained.

In addition, the specialist advised to abandon tunic tops. In her opinion, this thing is difficult to successfully combine with other clothes.

The official website of the user states that she built a career in the banking sector, but in 2016 she began writing about fashion and style. Li authored an advice book for short women and opened her own clothing store.

Earlier in June, stylist Alexandra Kroni revealed details that cheapen the appearance of a woman. According to the specialist, the abundance of open areas of the body can make the image tasteless. She also advised avoiding wardrobe items adorned with large brand logos located in conspicuous places.

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