New warning systems will be installed in the villages of Lviv OTG

June 18, 2022 by No Comments

The Lviv community is expanding the public address system and installing additional loudspeakers. From next week, the relevant equipment will be connected in those settlements where it did not exist before, as well as in large communities where sirens were not heard loudly everywhere.

According to the press service of the LMR on June 18, Vynnyky, Dublyany, Mali Pidlisky, Sytykhiv, Bryukhovychi, Rudne, Hrybovychi, Zbyranka, Ryasne-Ruske, Lysynychi, Pidbirtsi, Zashkiv, Zavadiv, Hryada, Volya-Homuletska will receive new notification systems. The equipment will be connected from next week, depending on the readiness of the communities.

“These systems, like the previous ones, are autonomous. They consist of several loudspeakers, which must be connected in the appropriate places, and a remote control, which must be around the clock operator. It is he who will announce the beginning and end of the alarm, “the department of the city agglomeration of the LMR explained.

Note that street sirens are primarily focused on providing warning on the street. Indoor sound may be insufficient: due to plastic windows, building features, landscape, etc.

Information on the start and end of the air alert can also be obtained from:

• Telegram Channel CPA Alerts . This is the only official Telegram channel, which and

• Mobile application “Air alarm” :

– Download the app at Google Play Market or AppStore ;

– Allow permission for all notifications;

– Select the area where you want to be notified of notifications;

– Monitor the start and end of air alarms.


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