Scientists have named a way to extend life by a third

June 19, 2022 by No Comments

Scientists have found that avoiding a heavy late dinner and reducing the number of calories consumed can extend life by a third. Express writes about it.

Experts recommended to reconsider the nutrition schedule. According to them, breakfast and lunch should be more plentiful, while it is better to have dinner in small portions and a little earlier than usual.

According to the study, changing the time of eating can counteract the inflammatory processes that occur with aging. The scientists added that methods of improving health status do not depend on body weight.

This study was carried out on mice. Interfering with circadian rhythms has been found to promote longevity. According to scientists, this opens up prospects for further study of the mechanisms of aging, the authors of the scientific work summed up.

Earlier, the general practitioner, head of the adult polyclinic of the Vidnovskaya Regional Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of Defense Timur Asanov explained to the Russians the connection between human life expectancy and walking. He reported that just 75 minutes of walking per week increased life expectancy by an average of two years.

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