The expert called the consequences of the ban on downloading Windows 10 and 11 for Russians

June 19, 2022 by No Comments

The ban on downloading Windows 10 and 11 from the Microsoft website will result in computer problems for Russians. German Klimenko, an expert in the IT sphere, spoke about the consequences of the Vzglyad publication.

According to him, difficulties will arise “not only among ordinary citizens,” but also among officials whose jobs are tied to Microsoft products. “And if it doesn’t turn out to be just a glitch in the site, then the ban will affect the vast majority of computers,” he explained.

The specialist clarified that if the company also forbids updating previous versions of the operating system, then users from Russia will face problems, primarily in terms of information security. “And then our equipment for the most part will become vulnerable to many types of viruses. It’s not for nothing that everyone recommends updating your computer as often as possible to avoid malware penetration,” he added.

At the same time, the expert named an alternative to Windows and Mac. According to him, the Russians will be able to use Linux systems. “Moreover, today there are the same ALT Linux or Astra Linux, which look much better than, say, 20 years ago,” he concluded.

Earlier it became known that the American corporation Microsoft banned downloading Windows 10 and 11, samples of these operating systems, as well as the Media Creation Tool program from the official website in Russia. When trying to download programs, a page with the error “404 – File or Directory not found” is displayed. It is noted that at the moment there have been no official statements from Microsoft.

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