The Lviv court banned the OPZH party and nationalized its assets

June 20, 2022 by No Comments

The Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal, located in Lviv, has banned the Opposition Platform for Life (OPZZ) political party. The trial was held behind closed doors on Monday, June 20. A representative of the OPZH party took part in the court hearing online, Radio Svoboda reported.

The court satisfied the claims of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: the activity of the Political Party “Opposition Platform – For Life” was banned; funds and other assets of the party, its regional, city, district organizations, primary branches and other structural entities have been transferred to state ownership, “the court’s press service said.

Representatives of the JRC have 20 days to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court. According to the Chesno movement, the Opposition Platform For Life became the first banned party to try to defend its interests during the trial.

“Due to the fact that the court did not allow journalists into the courtroom, the arguments of the parties to the trial are not known and will become available only after the full court decision is made public,” Chesno said.

The parliamentary faction of the OPZH consisted of 44 people’s deputies, but after the start of a large-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, its members began to withdraw from it, and later the faction itself ceased its activities.

On April 21, some deputies, former members of the OPZH faction, formed a new parliamentary group, the Platform for Life and Peace. It was headed by Yuriy Boyko.

Another part of the parliamentarians, who were previously members of the OPZH faction, joined the parliamentary group “Restoration of Ukraine” on May 24.

On June 1, the Verkhovna Rada registered a bill proposing to legislate a mechanism that would remove former members of the OPZH from serving in parliament.

On May 3, the Verkhovna Rada passed a law banning pro-Russian parties. On May 14, this law was signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

OPZZh became the tenth pro-Russian party banned by the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal. He had previously banned nine parties, the most recent being the Sharia Party.


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