The Lviv-Mukachevo electric train route has been extended to Uzhhorod

June 18, 2022 by No Comments

Lviv Railway announces the resumption of train №7001 / 7002 and the continuation of its route to Uzhgorod.

From June 17, the train №7001 Lviv – Uzhhorod will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, depart from Lviv at 07:33 and go through Pustomyty, Mykolaiv-Dnistrovskyi, Stryy, Skole, Grebeniv, Tukhlyu, Slavske, Lavochne, Beskyd, Skotarske, Volovets, Svalyava, Carpathians, Mukachevo, Strabychovo, Batyovo, and will arrive in Uzhgorod at 13:34.

Train №7002 Uzhhorod – Lviv will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and depart from Uzhhorod at 15:38, arrive in Lviv at 21:32.

In addition, from June 18, the schedule of regional trains №804 / 803 and №805 / 806 with the connection Rivne – Lviv – Rivne will be changed.

Train №804 / 803 Lviv – Rivne, which runs every Friday and Sunday, will depart from Lviv at 10:12 (instead of 09:52) and arrive in Rivne at 13.25, and train №806 / 805 Rivne – Lviv, which runs every year on Fridays and Sundays, will depart at 14:45 (instead of 13:15) and arrive in Lviv at 17:58. Train №806 / 805 Lviv – Rivne will depart from Lviv at 18:28 (instead of 16:30) and arrive at the final station at 21:40.

On June 19 this year, the regional train № 816/815 connecting Lviv – Chernivtsi will run only to Art. Kolomyia.


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