The model drew clothes on a naked body and gained popularity on OnlyFans

June 20, 2022 by No Comments

The model from New York has gained popularity on the OnlyFans platform thanks to drawings in the form of designer suits on the body. The corresponding story leads edition of the Daily Mail.

According to 37-year-old Dara (surname unknown), as a child she dreamed of becoming a fashion model, but her parents inspired her with the idea that this work is not suitable for women with magnificent forms. Over time, the American turned her dream into a hobby: she began to recreate the clothes of luxury brands on her naked body in the form of a realistic body art. “Recently I have been inspired by modern and vintage luxury brands and iconic looks. Working with paint makes me feel sexy, confident and beautiful,” she says.

It is noted that the artist Fernello helps her in the implementation of her ideas. Particularly popular among their collaborations is a Louis Vuitton-inspired suit, a red and black bodysuit, and a purple and black swimsuit with the Versace logo.

Dara also presents a video of her “suits” on TikTok – one of them has 102,000 views and over 8,000 likes. Other social media users left admiring comments under the post. “What the hell, I’m speechless, this looks very cool”, “Perfect”, “Wow, killed”, “A real work of art”, “One of the best looks of all time,” they commented.

In April 2020, model Laura posed for an Italian body painter to create an optical illusion. With the help of bodypainting, Johannes Stötter depicted a nude model as a butterfly sitting in the center of a yellow chamomile. “I sketched the pose with a pencil on paper, and then tested it on a real person,” he said. “Then I did a big sketch in color, drawing the butterfly as I imagined it in the end.”

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