The psychologist revealed the causes of domestic violence

June 19, 2022 by No Comments

Psychologist-constellation Yulia Khadartseva, in a conversation with Moslenta, revealed the reasons for the aggression of parents towards their children. According to her, people tend to copy the behavior model learned in childhood.

“99 percent of the time we live in repetitive scenarios that we lived ourselves. Therefore, if parents offended us in the process of upbringing, most likely we will raise our children in a similar manner, ”Khadartseva explained. In addition, according to the expert, domestic violence is prescribed for some in “karmic roots”. “A mother beats her child because violence is written on her neural layers,” the constellation psychologist noted.

According to Khadartseva, a parent should definitely contact a specialist if he feels the desire to hit or insult the child. “If you feel an increased level of aggression towards your child, be sure to work with it. Also, a mother who is aggressive towards a child subsequently shows auto-aggression: she reproaches herself for an act of violence. And even more so, you can’t do without a therapist, ”said the speaker.

The constellation psychologist urged those who witnessed child abuse not to stand aside. “A mother in a healthy mental state cannot beat a child. If this happens, then the person has ceased to control himself and he needs psychological help, ”concluded the expert.

Earlier, Tatiana Meteleva, Master of Clinical Psychology, Gestalt Therapist (MIGIP), head of the rehabilitation center at Dr. Isaev’s Clinic “Double Diagnosis”, listed the main signs of gaslighting in a relationship.

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